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Step back in time to a place where reality doesn't exist. A place where magic mushrooms grow freely and cheshire cats lounge lazily on the lawn. No I am not having a sixties flashback. . .I am talking about the Palace in Wonderland. Opened to the public on July tenth, Wonderland is a new and exciting Palace that makes each new room a different experience. It's the brainchild of Cyberia, brought to fruition by a dedicated and talented staff of artists, scripters, friends and supporters. Wonderland offers much more than just chatrooms; it's a place where the palacegoer can interact with their environment. From its inception, Wonderland's goal was to create a fascinating place for people to go and experience a fantasy available nowhere else.

The premise of the Palace is quite simple. . . The story of Alice in Wonderland but with a new and different twist, the ability to actually interact with the story and with others. Take the quite popular room, Kitchen Quarrel, for example. You are greeted by four surreal characters in a dark and gloomy kitchen. Quite a stark contrast from Harry's Bar, until you notice that you are able to interact with the characters within the room. (I will not tell you how dear readers, this I will let you discover for yourselves). Another popular spot that all must see is the Magic Mushroom Ride. This room also holds a special twist that must be experienced to be believed as you find yourself catapulted into an almost too real, psychedelic trip.

Although the Wonderland Palace would not think of glamorizing illicit drugs, there is a strong tie-in as the story of Alice in Wonderland is in actuality, a story of a mind altered fantasy. And there is also no coincidence that Wonderland also plays host to the Palaceaholic meetings scheduled to begin shortly. "The whole Palaceaholic thing just fell into place," says Cyberia. "It's a natural extension of the whole Wonderland theme." While you're there, check out the Avatars Anonymous room for links to the popular Top Ten Palaceaholics List and if you find yourself being burnt out on the Palace, you can also send an e-mail message to receive notices of the upcoming Palaceaholic meetings.

Starting out as a way for her to experiment with iptscrae and room building, Cyberia never dreamed that Wonderland Palace would go public. "It all started with the name, Palace in Wonderland, then one thing led to another until it all started to take off." Cyberia also envisions Wonderland becoming a place where people can just hang out and get away from the crowdedness of the Main Palace. "It would be cool to get a group of forty or so regulars," says Cyberia, "because it is the people that make a great palace and make you want to come back."

And that they will Cyberia... 
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