where do Sk8ters come from?

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The Paper Dolls soon lost its appeal. And so the creating continued.  This is what came out of the next editing phase.

Still being referred to as sk8ters, these new edits were crude and maintained the look of a rebellious teen.

Sk8ters on the Move

1999 brought many new looks. The most popular were the smaller  type sk8ters. This became a mainstay and has not gone out of style, except for the many edits that keep this look constantly changing.

A New Kind of Sk8ter,
small, grungy and cute

"Wonderkins" brought a whole new look to the palace created AV.  Not quite a sk8ter but not quite like anything else, this new style  became widely accepted.

Original Wonderkins

A few people started showing this new look around Wonderland. Within a few weeks time, everyone was editing them.  Cyberia decided to put them up in a prop room and gave them the name "Wonderkins". Since then, the entire palace world refers to this look as a Wonderkin. And Wonderkin prop rooms continue to pop up all over palacespace.

Wonderkins 2000

The Sk8ters Got Smaller! 



Goths... Popular from the beginning. After all, they are 
as rebellious as an AV can yet. Usually the skin is a whitish
gray color and the clothes are black or blood red.

The Preps Are Back in the year 2000, 
and going strong. 

Silent Avatars new for 2001.
Named for their serene look, Silent Avatars have been
very popular since the spring of 2001. 

Late 2001 came the Diva Stars Avs. Based on 
a computer game of the same name, came this 
short lived, much edited Fad.

2002 Silent Grunge as they are sometimes called, 
other variations are referred to as ravers, thugs. 

What's Next? It's anyone's guess.

This article has covered many aspects of the sk8ters evolvement on Palace. We have seen  thousands of variations in the process. New edits emerge every day. Old and new AV's are constantly updated by the Palace members.
Keep watching... someone's new edit might be the next 
AV fashion craze. Who knows, you just might be the 
one to start it.

Stay tuned...

The End


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