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Where do Sk8ters come from?

by Cyberia

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In the Beginning...

There once was a time on Palace when the sk8ter AV did not exist at all. Hard to believe? To cover up our yellow smilies, people wore pre-made pictures, copied straight from the web *gasp*. Anime was hot! Real people AVs were hotter! And all sorts of cartoons found on the web were the rage. But these AV's never looked as perfect as we wanted, mainly because the colors were faded by the notorious palace palette. And real people AV's didn't quite fit in with the cartoon style backgrounds of Palace.

As more teens entered the world of Palace, they craved for their own  individual style. Then one day a palace member (named Rainman) decided  to make an prop from his artwork. A comic strip he was working on. A few people asked for his AV and started editing it. This became  the first original avatar created on palace, by the people of palace, and seen no where else. 

And so it began. Everyone wanted a copy of this new look. No more did the palace members have to rely on copying pictures off the web. They became creative. They edited these AV's to their heart's content. 

The original sk8ters were not even called sk8ters.  They were referred to as Little People. These first AV's  which emerged around mid 1997, all had a similar look. The heads looked downward, and they gave off a look of despair or rebellion.  The adults hated them at first, the teens was overjoyed. They could finally rebel in style! When someone added a skateboard to them, the term sk8ters was born. These AV's became a new trend on Palace and spread like wildfire across every palace.

It has been over 3 years now since the Little People made their debut,  and that one avatar has evolved in so many ways. It's amazing to see the transformation and how much the Palace community has contributed to the creation of these cartoons, and the phenomenon of the Sk8ter.


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In The Beginning...

Summer of 1997
the first 
Little People Avatars 
were created.

Later that year came....
The Early "Prep Avatar"
By the end of 1997 and into early 1998 came the "Paper Dolls".  These were nude bodies with lots of clothing parts to mix and match. Girls were much more popular, and even baby paper dolls were made.
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