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Wearing and Saving your Avatar
- Saving an Avatar
Once you are "wearing" the Avatar you found from a trading room, generator, or prop drop, you need to save it to your Prop Bag or Macro Keys. Follow the steps below. There are 2 ways to save.

1-  Drag  the parts of any Avatar directly to your Prop Bag .
You can drag the parts off yourself or drag loose parts lying in a room.

2- To save a complete Avatar as a Macro, Go to the Avatar menu, and Choose Member Avatars. .  

You will then see a screen like the one below.
Select a shortcut key to save it in. Click Save This.
To Wear the Avatar Follow these same steps and Choose Wear This.

- Wearing an Avatar

Open your Prop Bag to manually put on the parts. Click the "black bag" at the bottom of your screen to open your Prop Bag.


Open the Avatar Menu, Member Avatars, select a saved avatar from your list and click Wear This. (SEE IMAGES ON THE LEFT)

this image shows

- Shortcut Keys: Notice in your Avatars list there are shortcut keys.(see above)You can use any of them to put on an avatar as well. For instance, in the photo above, Ctrl-3 would put on that saved Avatar.

- Compressing Your Prop Bag: To clear out props you have seen from hundreds of users, normally just closing your client compresses the file. You can also do it manually by logging off the palace, under file choose Compress Prop File. This will only reduce the size of your prp file and no disrupt any of your saved avatars.

- Replacing A Corrupt Prop File: If your palace client won't start up and you see an error like can't open prop file, your existing prop file has become corrupt, everything in your prop bag is gone. You need to replace the palace.prp file located in your Palace folder. To do this, download a new palace.prp at Unzip the new palace.prp and replace the old one.

- Smileys are Not Showing Up: prop file may be corrupt - how to fix.

Note: This page covers screen captures and directions for PC only. The mac client is very similar. 

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