Remember When...

The Palace Screenshots from 1996-1997

June 7, 1996    The Galaxy Station held the first cyber wedding. 
Can you say lag?  We were all on dialup...
June 16, 1996   The Galaxy Station entrance.

June 11, 1996  Multiplicity Palace.  Michael Keaton chats on The Palace.
April 18, 1996 Bear Party.  Everyone came dressed as a bear. We were so silly back then.

August 22, 1996  An AA Meeting.  We had them weekly, everyone was so addicted.
Sept 29, 1996  PUG Meeting at the PUG Palace.  "Palace Users Group"

October 13, 1996 Kids Nation planning committee.  As I recall, ThePalace,Inc mentioned they would like to see a kids palace created.  And so we took on the task of trying to create something kid friendly and safe.  What were we thinking?
October 30, 1996.  jbum, MikeM, GaryW held a special meeting at Members Palace
for a big announcement.  Anyone remember what was announced?  It was so crowded
the chat had to be pasted globally to all the other rooms.

December 31, 1996  New Years Fireworks at The Welcome Palace. 
Remember the fireworks script?
RainMan Chat. July 31, 1997.  This was the turning point in the Avatars we wore. 

A member named RainMan drew a few toon avatars and it exploded! Everyone on palace
began editing them.  At first they were called Little People, then sk8ters then Preps. 
This image shows the very first crude examples. Over the next few years doll editing, pixel
editing became a web phenomenon that started on Palace and still exists to this day. 
We held a meeting at Wonderland  for users to meet the creator. 
Before this we only wore anime, cartoons, real people, anything we could find on the web.

1997  -  250 users online.   Palace was at an all time high in popularity.


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