Frequently Asked Questions about the Palace software and chat environment.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Starting out with The Palace is easy! You'll need to:

Q. When I try to start Palace, it says "Props File: -1". What's wrong?
A. The "Props File -1" error means that the Palace.prp file, which is the file that contains your props and is located in the Palace directory,
has become corrupted. This is the file you should back up so you don't lose your props. If you don't have a backup, you can download a new Palace.prp
. Replace the Palace.prp file in your Palace directory with the one you downloaded, and Palace should open for you again.

Q. Where can I find custom scripts?
Palace in Wonderland has Room Scripts for Dummies. Try these links for a good collection of Cyborg and Room scripts. Also check out Ali-Co's addOmatic and other Palace Tools.

Q. What are Avatars? Where do I find them? How do I make my own picture into an avatar?
See The Palace Avatar Resources webpage. See also Making Avatars for Mac and Making Avatars with Photoshop.

Q. Where can I get a registration code?
Get a user registration code here.

Q. How do I page a wizard?
While on any palace server, type in the following command:
    `page I need help
Of course, replace this with whatever your message is.

Q: Message during setup: "Corrupt Installation Detected" or "An I/O error

A: One of two things will usually cause this message. The first would be that your hard drive is almost full. Check and see if you have enough hard drive space left. If you do, then you may have received a partial or bad download. Sometimes this is caused by line noise. This is a fairly common problem and is nothing to be alarmed about. Delete the setup file you currently have and download a new one. It is recommended that while you are downloading that you remain as inactive as possible online during thedownload so everything goes smoothly!

Q. Can I be a god/wizard?
A. http://www.thepalace.com/wonder/wannabe.html
The following Palace servers ARE NOT accepting applications for wizards or gods:
- mansion.thepalace.com
- wonder.lag.com

Other Palace servers may have different needs.