Events and Announcements
October 30, 2003

The Farm Masquerade Party - Oct. 31

Date: October 31st, Time: 8:00pm EST until - costume contest at 11:00pm EST
Join us at The Farm for a Masquerade Party! Come after trick or treating and we'll still be going strong. We'll all gather using new names and avs others aren't likely to know. The fun part is guessing who's who >:-] There will be a costume contest at 11:00pm EST with a poll going up to vote for your favorite. You can make your own or get one from The Farm's Halloween stock (new ones going up daily). See you there!

Eternal Love

Eternal Love is a fun palace for all ages but some rooms are inapporpiate for kids younger than 13. Owned & Operated by females but looking for some males to help. This is a black love palace for couples and singles who are searching check us out and dont forget to bookmark us. NOW HIRING WIZZES.

Flirtin' New York Style auction

18+ Adults Only Please.
Attention all you Palace freaks and geeks... Flirtin' New York Style (FNYS) is having it's first ever auction. What are we auctioning? Very good question...YOU! We are bringing Palace's geekiest, freakiest, perviest, and hottest to the auction block.

It's this your name, age, zodiac sign, most embarrassing moment and reason why people should bid on you to Auction will be held on Saturday Nov. 8. (Time to be announced later). Bidding starts at 1 av and will procede up from there...we hope it will anyways. All avs being used to bid MUST be original avs. These original avs will be displayed in an Auction Prop Room after auction is complete. You can view those being auctioned on our message board. You can also access this board via our gate... What better way to meet new people and possibly catch that secret crush you have? Now get those emails in and let's all have some fun and lotsa laffs. The more the merrier.

October 29, 2003

OLL adult fashion shows

18+ Adults Only Please.
Just a reminder to sign up for the two upcoming adult fashion shows. Our Lessons Learned has had these shows for about 3 years now, and now we are sponsoring Aniol Dreams and Electric Blue's upcoming shows! Registration begins now for both shows. The Winter Fashion Show by Aniol Dreams and OLL is January 23rd and 24th, and The All Male Review Fashion Show hosted by Logan and jae at Electric Blue is on December 13th. Please sign up as soon as possible for a good spot in the line up. Thanks!

October 28, 2003

Island Tearz halloween party

hey everyone this Island Tearz and also Eternal Love are throwing a big halloween party october 31st at 8pm to 10pm on a friday we hope that u guys come it will be great and lots of stuff so bring ur friends and whoever else on up and have some fun see u all there soon by the way im woot and the only woot hehe well hope to see u guys and make sure u book mark us =)

The Gorean Island of Tabor

18+ Adults Only Please.
Announcing the newest Gorean theme Palace. The Gorean Island of Tabor. Soon to have a Grand Opening Tour Stay tuned for details on the Tour. Our Palace is based upon the Gorean Book Series by John Norman. Ask Yourself this question. Do You  want a challenge? Do You want to do something besides sit there and chat?? Are You over the age of 18 and can You handle Adult Content and theme's? Then Our palace is for You..We hope to bring to You roleplay at its finest if Your willing to go to the lengths to enjoy it with a mature crowd. Ubar GrayWolf and His girl welcome You to the Island if You wish to visit. Please read the rules as You enter thou. Thank You!! If You are a wiz and wish to seek a job with Us We are on the look out for responsible Wiz's. Thank You.

October 27, 2003

Cript Night Mansion

We Have Apts, Clans, Avs, Freestyling, and loads more! We are HIRING! and Clan Owners that have Clan House are CNM are blessed as WIZARDS! OUR Palace is ALWAYS! unda Construction to build what people want. You want to see some thing ask and we will do our best to make sure we get it. Check it out today!

October 26, 2003

Sky Fits Heaven

18+ Adults Only Please.
Sky Fits Heaven is a gothic, adult "18 and up" only Palace where the rules are not spoiling the fun. Here you can find props, poems, tours, and also our Sky Radio where we are the DJ's. Perhaps you can become a DJ too by becoming part of our family. lots of more interesting stuff. Our Palace has a unique style with high quality, original graphics. Don't forget to visit our web page either... ;-) (P.S. This is NOT a BDSM Palace) See you soon inside! Greetings from Hijo and Natassha

Sky Fits Heaven es un palacio estilo Gotico, creado solo para audencia adulta a partir de los "18 en adelante". En este palacio las reglas no les estropearan la divercion, aqui tu vas a encontrar props, poemas, turs, nuestra radio sky donde nosotros somos los DJ'S o tal ves tu podras ser uno de nuestros DJ's uniendote a nuestra familia. Vosotros  encontraran muchas mas cosas divertidas dentro del palacio. Nuestro palacio tiene un estilo unico con una porpocion de imagines con alta calidad. Por ultimo no se olviden cibernautas de visitar nuestra pagina web :-) (NO es un Palacio de SADO MASOQUISMO) Los veo pronto adentro! saludos de Hijo y Natassha

Mystic Revelations

This palace was made for anyone and everyone! If you enjoy anime, you'll love our overflowing collection of avs and stunning backgrounds!! There's a wide variety of props and we're adding more everyday! We're currently hiring experienced wizzes and we're also seeking a dedicated co-owner. All applications can be found on the palace. So sit back, enjoy, and let your mind reveal your inner dreams and mystic revelations....

October 25, 2003

Avatar Heaven2

Hey Come To This is Avatar Heavens apt. and clan Server, We have Apartments,Clan Houses, and Houses, And Our Brand New Editing Clan Editz Inc. We Have Nice And Helpfull staff, Friendly people and Much Much More Come Join Us!! =D

The Brothel

As of November 1st, The Brothel will be an adults only palace. You must be 18 or older to visit. The all age palace is not gone tho, it is just moving to a different addy and will have a new name but will have the same avs, music, etc.

The new info will be posted when the new all age palace opens.

October 23, 2003

"LOL" Palace Reunion Party

When: Friday, October 24th 7:00pm - 7:00am (CST)

Don't have anything planned this Friday? Great! Because we are having a reunion party this Friday, October 24th and you are invited! This is where the LOL comes into play. Go ahead, let it all out right now...

Phew, now let's get serious! This "party" is for real and will only work if you show up! Guests will be arriving from 7:00pm and staying as late as 7:00am (all times CST) the following morning, so even if you have "a life" you can swing by after bar time and pay us a visit! You gave up Palace for a reason, you say? Good for you! Now here are some reasons to get back on:
  1. We miss you! Come let us know how you've kept up over the months/years.
  2. All your old friends (and enemies) will be there! Already 40+ people have committed to attending. You can see a fairly accurate list of party attendees along with additional details at Expect this list to grow exponentially as e-mails are just now being sent out!
  3. Feeling antisocial? Then give a crack at one of the many Palace games available. RatBot will get angry if you don't stop in and say hello!
  4. Don't have Palace anymore? You can find all the necessary software at along with free registration codes.
I hope you're convinced! Please feel free (obligated) to pass this message along to anyone you know. The idea is to bring to together EVERYONE who has used Palace during the past few years, even if it is just for one night. Although there is no need to reply to this, please let us know if you will be attending! Leave a message on the LiveJournal site or send a reply back to Thanks your time, we are expecting you this Friday!

Exhale Palace - Help Wanted

The owners at Exhale would like to thank everyone for all the applications that were sent in after our help wanted ad, but we are still understaffed.  We are no way as close to opening as we would like, so we are once again asking for help.  We have 12 positions that need to be filled.  Stop by and check out which positions need to be filled, and how to become an operator!

October 21, 2003

Party Central!

Come visit us, we offer clanhouses, apartments, tons of props, experienced editors willing to help out, a wonderful staff and much more. You could also join one of the great existing clans at PC like Exotic or Dragons and be part of the cheer and volleyball teams. Lots of social events and a Msss PC pagent coming up this week! We have cheer competitions, volleyball games, pep rallies, av contests and much more. Come and join in the fun.


Hey, new palace here! .Colours is a palace for all people, check it out, check the website, we are hiring, and feel free to make comments.

October 20, 2003

Something Original is doing it again!

Tired of boring Palaces with nothing interesting going on? Something Original is hosting a Halloween Pumpkin Contest! We'll be supplying REAL PRIZES (Including CD's, DVD's, etc.) For more information visit

Note: Prizes will be shipped at no cost to you! Prizes are guaranteed! ALL Ages (with parental consent). If you are under 18 and your parents have questions, email me at GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN!

Majestic Enchantment

HiHiHi to all. Just in time for Halloween - finally the much awaited 31 room quest is complete - Are you up to the challenge to finding the Dark Stars??? have your name added to the growing list of those who have taked on the challenge and won. We have also added to our prop rooms incuding great halloween avs and always adding borg scripts and new game sites. We are always adding something here and there.. especially games. We are a anime, ff, games, seat of learning and all around good conversation palace. We have both an adult gate and teen gate... all are welcomed.Enjoy one of our Jeffery Bedrick rooms, a dragon room (never know what you will find there) or one of our other rooms. We have a Nite Klub with 2 bars pool room and even  a dance hall. or if you prefer.. sit by a quiet lake and enjoy a conversation with someone or play with our guard dog bot "auron". He's a sweetie.. So come on by for a visit and say a friendly hello... Hope to see you soon!!

The Brothel

Heard of yahtzee 6 yet? Brothel now has it! Come try your luck at this new fun version of yahtzee and try your skillz at the new Breakout game too. Brothel has recently added alot of new avs for you to shop thru and would love for you to come meet the new staff. While you're here, dl some music and chat for awhile. We have a halloween party on Oct. 31st starting at 6pm EST and since this is an all age palace, all are invited. Hope to see ya soon ;).

October 18, 2003

Handy Things to Know

If you think the operators have all the magic tricks, think again. There's several little bits o' magic available to everyone, and they can sometimes be very useful. If you're being bugged by You-Know-Who (and I won't mention any names here, but we know who), consider the following commands.

'hide -- removes your name from the user list. Nobody, except the all-seeing (but no-telling) operators, will see it.
'unhide -- puts you back on the list.

'hidefrom name -- allows you to hide from a specific user. Others will still find you on the list.
'unhidefrom name -- puts you back on that person's user list.

'mute name -- Especially handy when a sound-flooder shows up. You won't have to hear the incessant noise.
'unmute name -- Someone worth muting is probably not worth unmuting, but there it is, anyway.

'rejectprivate on|off -- When you get tired of BigStud's whispering, say 'rejectprivate on ('rejectprivate off restores whispers).

'rejectesp on|off -- Similar to above, but this turns on and off esp messages sent to you.

Some of these require you to insert the name of the person to whom you want to the command to apply. For instance, to mute SoundMonster, say 'mute SoundMonster. To reject esp messages, say 'rejectesp on. Then, to restore esp messages, say 'rejectesp off. The default, each time you log on to a palace, is that you are unhidden, nobody is muted and you will receive all esp and private messages. And no, you can't mute operators or reject their messages. But they're not *that* unruly, so who would even want to?

October 16, 2003

Electric Blue

LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!! Come to Electric Blue Friday Oct 24th at Midnight Central time for the Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnight Movie Party. The sound track will be played on Mania Serv's Slip Radio as the party "ROCKS" on..... Come on over, wear Your favorite charactor or just throw rice.... be sure to bring the newspaper (can imagine the borg scripts now!)... to Electric Blue.

Strawberry Island

We Have Apts, Clans, Avs, Houses and loads more! we have recently just started a new clan PlayBoy Mansion come take a look at it! We also have Halloween Competitions, and will also have a wedding soon everyone is welcome. We aren't Hiring at the moment but still fill out an application you never know we might be hiring again pretty soon! Our Website is unda Construction at the moment! Check it out today!

Island Tearz

This is a family palace for all ages we have silents bonitas anime preps and we r gettin more n more each day we r a new palace and we r currently hiring workers so come and feel out an application before its full and come n have some fun see ya there.

October 15, 2003

Avatar Heaven

We have apartments, clan house, and houses. Our Avz are on our other server Come check out our new editing clan called Editz Inc.! Editz Inc. hosts a weekly editing class at 2 Pm EST on Saturdays. We are haveing a Holloween Decorations Contest . NOW HIRRING WIZZES!!!!!!!

October 14, 2003

The Brothel

The Brothel houses over 10,000 avs of ALL types. We have anime, silents, tons of bonitas, and of course our ever popular Brothel Originals which are original avs made by staff. They are very unique and great quality. We also have 1000+ songs uploaded and a few hundred more coming very soon. Be sure to check out our newest ambient/electric music section. We have a fun new music room script to check out too!!

Although The Brothel welcomes all ages, we are currently looking for wizzes that are 18 and older so if you are interested, stop by and send in a wiz app =D. And as always, we invite u to add to our always growing selection of avatars by donating some of your own work to show off your skillz.

October 13, 2003

Getting Help

Got questions about Palace? The operating staff of your favorite palace probably has the answers. That's not to say that every operator (aka wizard) has all the answers, but each of them can likely steer you in the right direction to help. If you haven't noticed, there's all kinds of people and interests online. The ops are no exception to that, and what one doesn't know about, another might have a lot of expertise. For instance, at Mansion Palace, I (Frog Prince) can answer a lot of questions about avatars and using the Palace software, but I'm pretty useless when it comes to questions about making your own Palace. Fortunately, I can often provide a URL with information or find someone online who can help.
At Mansion Palace, feel free to use the 'page system to ask your questions. If you don't get a response right away, we're probably busy or away from the computer. Try again later; we don't deliberately ignore requests for help.

Stay green.

Fusion palace

Hello everyone. Do you want a fun, exciting, colorful place to be? I'm glad you do, because Fusion is probably your answer, with now, clans, apartments, thousands of avatars, and much much more!
Fusion, if you didn't know, has a MASSIVE prop archive! With over 11,000 props, we've got a lot in store for you! We also supply avatar storage! From Silents to preps, to thugs, to animals, Fusion has more than you'll believe!
More and more, we add each day! We've got a bunch of rooms to chat in, with amazing backgrounds, most created by the Fusion staff! The new gate background could amaze anyone! We are trying to get this small-palace -- bigger! Come soon, and play a game of pictionary, or hangman, or maybe some checkers with a friend. So come to Fusion now, make a friend, and have fun.

Our Lessons Learned

18+ Adults Only Please.
OLL is a palace full of props, tours, music, and unique and creative rooms. We respect and appreciate all lifestyles, and welcome all adults to our palace. We are home to the Seasonal Palace Fashion show and enjoy meeting new friends. Hope you stop by OLL, and meet the family for yourself!

Transcendent Ambience

Looking for a great palace to chill at? Come to Transcendent Ambience!  We offer great avatars. clan houses, apartments, games, and so much more! You can also get a custom avatar made courtesy of Xtreme Editorz. Our friendly staff will make your stay at TA fun! We're also hiring! Come by & check us out!

October 12, 2003

The Midnight Rambler 2nd Anniversary Party - Oct. 17

18+ Adults Only Please.
Ladies and Gentlemen Family and Good Friends, The Midnight Rambler is celebrating its second anniversary on Friday October 17th. Come join us! Let's party :) ~Cougar~ will be broadcasting live on ManiaSerV's SLiP Radio from The Midnight Rambler's gate. Come and join us for that special event. ManiaSerV's SLiP Radio is a free service to the Internet community and is brought to you by the exclusive sponsorship of update

Is your favorite palace unreachable? Ocean Boulevard, Kids Nation, Marathon, Sk8ers Galore, and The Lighthouse have been down due to a hardware issue.

Good news! Word has it that all palaces should be back up soon, possibly later this week. Keep your eye on this spot for further updates.

Ocean Breeze Mansion now And1 Productions

The Ocean Breeze Mansion has moved and changed its name. We're now called And1 Productions.

October 11, 2003

HexEdit v1.89 released

Based on work by Jim Bumgardner (creator of The Palace software), HexEdit is an excellent Mac OS (X) hexadecimal file editor, now in its 10th year. HexEdit is currently maintained by Lane Roathe and released under the Mozilla Public License.

Prop Strip Mall accepting applications

Do you make props/avatars? Do you want more exposure for your credited work? The Prop Strip Mall Palace is accepting applications to let avatar creators have a shop. Your shop would include a special shop name created by you, your avatars, and a special link to your palace or the palace of your choice. The Prop Strip Mall team will do the rest. To get your shop up and running, please visit our website for the application process.

Streets of Rage

We're welcoming you to our palace. Its Mostly Anime and Roleplaying. Hopefully We'll see you there!

October 10, 2003

Sparkling Rainbow Illusions halloween party

We all know that on the weekends, theres nothing better than a good party. Well Sparkling Rainbow Illusions is making this statement true once again! Join us for an All Weekend PARTY! Starting October 25th at 8:00 Sharp, and its a  HALLOWEEN THEME! Dress up and have fun! Date or no Date, dance with someone who you meet there! It all starts in a few days... Be there!!! Your host is the lovely AMELIA!

Pure Playaz

Visit Pure Playaz for a great ThUgG palace where you can chill and talk to other people.. we have: housez, hotel rooms, clanhousez, apartmentz, a lot of avatars, playaz resort and much more we are currently hiring but you need to have great talent to get hired... any way come and have a look... see ya soon ;)

Rage Inc.

Are you looking for a GREAT palace to visit often? If so you have found the perfect palace. We have a nice staff, bank, town, prop lockers, apts, houses and MUCH MUCH MORE! So come visit us! See ya there!

October 9, 2003

Prop Strip Mall Palace

Do you make props/avatars? Do you want more exposure for your credited work? The Prop Strip Mall Palace is accepting applications to let avatar creators have a shop.

Your shop would include a special shop name created by you, your avatars, and a special link to your palace or the palace of your choice. The Prop Strip Mall team will do the rest. To get your shop up and running, please visit our website for the application.

The Brothel Halloween Party

Heyyyy, The Brothel is getting all ready for Halloween and we'd love for you to come and see our decorations....but be warned, they're scareyyyy. We will be having a Halloween party October 31st and details will be posted in The Brothel.

Brothel is an all age palace and we have a great new staff for ya to meet. We have new props donated all the time and would love to have you join our list of ever growing donators. We also have an extensive section of av originals made by staff that you must check out.

Stop by today to visit and chat, shop our 10,000+ av selection and check out our music...over 1000 full songs now =D. There is so much to do and really great people so we're hoping to see ya soon!!

=^.^= Together Forever =^.^=

November 1st - The Greatest Party of Masks ever to grace the land of palaces will arrive! Bring costumes and change your names for noone shall know who you are! Games and Contests, everything from Hangman to judging the best avatars! Come one, Come all, and enjoy a night of revelry with friends! (Starting at 8pm EST). Dont have a costume? No problem Visit our Costume Shop!

October 8, 2003

Avatar Heaven

Come to Avatar Heaven! We have Tons of Avatars like, Preps, Goths, Ravers, Thugs, Bonitnas, Silents, Sweets, Punks, Anime, Uniques,Game Sprites & Babies! Also more then 10 games like Lazer Tag, Pictionary, & many more. We also have Apartments And Clan Houses & Houses, a Town, a Prop Mall, Lockable Rooms, And Much Much More! So come Join fun with the staff and the members at Avatar Heaven!!!

Hogwarts - a Harry Potter Palace

Hogwarts - our Harry Potter Palace has started a new session. Classes have already began, so hurry and attend before you're late. Also, new teachers have been apointed for this session, with 3 positions left to be filled. If your interested send an email to Hurry before theres none left. Also, we have an all new Avatar section with fantastic Harry Potter and Cast avatars inculding Hermione, Ron, Draco and alot more. Some are screencaps from Philosophers Stone and Chamber of Secrets along with many promo photos. Our helpful and friendly staff are here to help you in any way, wether it be getting a dorm, being sorted or just requiring some information. Lessons are currently being held on Saturdays and Sundays but for a full timetable check out

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What does this have to do with Well, we now have our very own brand-spanking new RSS feed. To use it, you'll need an RSS reader and the address of our feed.

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Mystical Reflections

Come visit us at mysticalreflections, we are brand new with props, apartments, clans and more!!! WE ARE CURRENTLY HIRING, so bookmark us.

Welcome my friends.

Hi. This is the new website. I find it much more simple than the last website, which is nice. The old website was great though. It really was. I think you should all go here in the meantime: I hope you find it amusing or as they say in engrish, I pleasure myself for you to find it fun. That's all for now -

October 7, 2003

.iced skies.

. iced skies . is one of the most fastest established Palaces on the Palace, takes pride in offering a friendly and fun atmosphere for people of all ages. Relax with friends, and make some new ones! Play games, shop for av's in our av rooms or edit your own! You can create your own room, or use one of the many rooms we have here. If you really want 'page to have a house or apartment of your own!

The Maxim Palace

The Maxim Palace is an exclusive designer clan palace with specially made backgrounds for each room, you won't find another palace like it! We have a friendly staff who is willing to help you if you're a designer in training & we also offer clanhouses to anyone who wants to start their own fashion clan. Come check out our Design Rooms, Take Av Rooms, high quality unique/designer/anime/silent props, & MUCH more! Visit The Maxim Girls today...

Upcoming Events:
-A new nightclub, "Liquid".. don't miss the Grand Opening!
-Tryouts for our exclusive fashion clans: Maxim, Blender, or BTC

Something Original's 1st birthday party!

COME! PLAY! ENJOY! Something Original will be celebrating it's 1st Birthday on October 10th! We will be hosting plenty of GAMES, and REAL PRIZES that will be shipped to you. Some Games include: Yahtzee Dominoes Pool Literati etc. Some Prizes are but not excluded to: CD's, DVD's, Cash (will be sent in the form of a check for security purposes) etc.

COME PLAY! ENJOY! We also have plenty of Props and Server Games! We look forward to partying with you!

Website feedback needed

Hope you like the new look and feel of our website. During this public beta test of the new design, we need your feedback to help us improve. Send any bugs you find, as well as suggestions for improvement to the email addy below.

Caution: anyone else who says "change the name of the website to" will be dealt with appropriately. ;-)


Hiya! Come to CrazyInnocence where the party starts! We got a school, props, games, apts, clans, n more!! =D It's so fun that it's fiesty and frisky!!!! We also have a friendly staff and were hiring =D!

Shattered Innocence

Hey!!, Looking for a great new palace? Well if so, Shattered Innocence is for you! We have lots of props, and more added daily. Also, you can have you own proproom if you wish!  We aren't currently hiring, since we are still under construction.  Other features we have is a town, chat zones, and much more! Please come and see us!!!!!

Help Wanted : Exhale Palace

Exhale Palace is in the midst of its grand opening, but we still need help. We have all positions available. We ask for experienced wizards and gods. Please send an inquiry to  You will recieve a short, simple quiz.  If you pass you will recieve an actual application. All ages are accepted. Thank you!

Pin Party in Harry's Bar

We just had a good old fashioned "pin party" on Mansion. 16 users piled on top of each other. .∑¢owboy∑queer∑. says "IM IN FRONT PAGE NEWS".


10/1/03 - 11/1/03   11/1/03 - 12/1/03   12/1/03 - 1/1/04   1/1/04 - 2/1/04   2/1/04 - 3/1/04   3/1/04 - 4/1/04   4/1/04 - 5/1/04   5/1/04 - 6/1/04   6/1/04 - 7/1/04   7/1/04 - 8/1/04   8/1/04 - 9/1/04   9/1/04 - 10/1/04   10/1/04 - 11/1/04   11/1/04 - 12/1/04   12/1/04 - 1/1/05   1/1/05 - 2/1/05   2/1/05 - 3/1/05   3/1/05 - 4/1/05   4/1/05 - 5/1/05   5/1/05 - 6/1/05   6/1/05 - 7/1/05   10/1/05 - 11/1/05   11/1/05 - 12/1/05   12/1/05 - 1/1/06   1/1/06 - 2/1/06   2/1/06 - 3/1/06   3/1/06 - 4/1/06   4/1/06 - 5/1/06   5/1/06 - 6/1/06   6/1/06 - 7/1/06   7/1/06 - 8/1/06   8/1/06 - 9/1/06   9/1/06 - 10/1/06   2/1/07 - 3/1/07   10/1/07 - 11/1/07   12/1/07 - 1/1/08   12/1/08 - 1/1/09   1/1/09 - 2/1/09  

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